64 It Buzzed

You will never believe how Kate Middleton was greeted in New Zealand!


Have you heard of this yet? Apparently, when Kate Middleton, along with the rest of her young Royal family, Prince William and baby Prince George, was welcomed at the Government House in Wellington, New Zealand, they were honored with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony that consisted of Maori men with their bottoms showing for all to see—and there were quite a number of them.


How nice these guys looked with their tattooed butt cheeks and thighs in complete sight—ooh la la! It certainly looked like Kate was having the time of her life too, wasn’t she? Not the least bit awkward, we hope?

Well we are pretty sure that someone had already briefed them about how Maori ceremonies go, so we’re guessing they were only too thrilled to witness something as unique as this. I’d be excited too, you know.

Aside from that, they were also made to do a traditional Maori greeting, the Hongi, wherein an individual, instead of just shaking another person’s hands or kissing both cheeks, presses his or her forehead and nose (both at the same time) to the other person’s as a sign of greeting and affection.

Well I for one, wouldn’t mind at all doing the Hongi to every member of the Royal family, that’s for sure. But I’m guessing they wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Anyway, it looked liked the couple still had a great time, though it was reported weather at New

Zealand during that day was miserable. They both still looked lovely, as always.