Would you want to drink zombie beer made of brains? I sure would!

I won’t lie to you. I love everything that has to do with anything about zombies. I LOVE zombie movies. I LOVE zombie TV shows. I was even given a ‘zombie survival guide’ book on my birthday about three years ago. I haven’t read the whole thing though. I’ll save it for later, for when the zombie apocalypse finally comes.

Zombie, zombie, zombie!

Needless to say, I love zombie stuff too. Wouldn’t you? The more realistic, the better. It’s great!

Let’s drink to this zombie love!

So imagine the pure DELIGHT I felt upon finding out about this really cool Zombie Beer from Dock Street Brewery. It’s a beer any zombie fan would want to guzzle on—a beer themed for the Walking Dead series. Cool? Cool. Definitely.

Are you kidding me?

And it’s made with REAL brains—not human brains though, just goat brains. Yummy smoked goat brains. Mmmmmm….

So if you’re feeling uh, I don’t know—a little zombie-ish, you know what you’re going to do next.

Perfect for a zombie bash

Or invite a couple of your friends for a zombie bash, put on some really scary zombie costumes (optional), watch a really scary zombie movie, and guzzle on some zombie beer to round off the event. Not too late, never too early for a Halloween gig!

So what else are you waiting for? Go and get yours now! Wouldn’t you want to be a part of something SO DISGUSTINGLY cool?