Ostrich Racing 6.23.2012

Would you ride an ostrich if given the chance?

I’ve always been content with just looking at giant birds (READ: Ostrich) from afar. I’ve always kind of believed my entire life that if a bird that size can lay a monster-sized egg just like theirs, that it can pretty much gobble up my hand or my foot within a minute.

I wasn’t really scared of ostriches—but they’re such majestic creatures, I wouldn’t want to mess with them. So imagine the ‘puzzlement’ I felt when I learned that humans riding on ostriches was a common thing in Africa. Why, I never.

But that’s not all. I just found out that the ostrich-riding sport can now be found in Nevada too. In Virginia City, no less.

I honestly didn’t know that ostriches were that strong. Humans weigh 120 to 140 pounds on average and it takes a lot to carry one even from a short distance. I’m not so sure whether the ostriches like it, I wouldn’t really want to try.

But what about you? Would you try riding an ostrich? I am not so sure what my answer to that would be. Maybe when time gives the opportunity, I’ll know. But right now, I can say I’ll say NO.

I’m strictly a horses-and-ponies kind of guy—or maybe an elephant. I am all for riding animals, but I’d ride on one that I can be sure to carry my weight. I wouldn’t want anyone dying of abuse because of how heavy I am.