Unload your stuff easily with Fietsklik

For many bike users, loading and unloading stuff can be a real pain. While it’s easy to simply get a cargo box or prannies for the bulk of your stuff, the thing is, most of them have to be installed semi-permanently. Plus, they could easily be removed by thieves (you would definitely not like that). Good thing, an innovative product called Fietsklik was made.

The idea of Fietsklik came when one of the makers of Fietsklik found himself having a hard time biking with one hand securing a crate of beer. It ended up into a disaster and so he asked if there’s any product out there that’ll allow him to easily carry loads of stuff without getting into an accident and to bike more easily. That’s when Fietsklik was born.

What is Fietsklik and What Can It Do?

Fietsklik is a product that allows people to bike more comfortably and confidently knowing that their stuff is still there. It solves the common problem of loading and unloading stuff from the usual and not-so-convenient cargo box. With the Fietsklik system, one can easily take in and out their load from their bikes with just a simple click. It comes with an interchangeable cargo carriers that can be easily attached and removed from the rack-mounted adapter. The adapter could fit into different rear racks.

The Fietsklik carriers have a quick-release mechanism that allows any user to easily attach and remove it from the rack but it can secured easily to keep it off from the thieves’ hands. All carriers come with messenger, laptop and shopping bags, and a foldable box called the Crate.

At present, Fietsklik is on its final prototyping stage for its child’s seat; this child seat can easily and securely attached to the adapter.