The Waffogato

Ever since the launch of the cronut back in May of 2013, word has spread like wildfire from New York all the way across the United States to other continents to be the phenomenon that it is right now.

The cronut is the creation of Dominique Ansel, who has a bakery located in New York City. Thanks to his cronut, his pastry shop is now a tourist attraction, with queues that snake out from his counter all the way down the street just for people to have a taste of the cronut.

And now he’s got a new invention. The Waffogato, which he unveiled in the Wendy Williams show.

Wendy had a great time taste testing all the pastry creations Dominique had to offer (yes, the cronut was the first one to be introduced) leading up to the last one, which was the waffogato.

It’s Dominique’s own take on the affogato.

The waffogato is a waffle-shaped ice cream with Belgian waffle bits and tapioca pearls. The moment espresso is poured over the waffle, it releases the tapioca to reveal chewy heaven. Just looking at it is making me drool.

So if you’re in New York City, and is¬†already starting to get¬†tired of the cronut, drop by the Dominique Ansel bakery at Spring street and try out the new waffogato.

But the big question is, is it going to be a hit?

Is it going to be as big a hit as the heavenly, uber-delicious cronut? What do you think?