The Juggernaut Trike is EXACTLY what it looks like—and you’re going to LOVE it!

The first bike I had when I was way, WAY younger was, in my opinion at that time, the coolest bike of all. You see, it was ancient. It belonged to my brother, but I absolutely LOVED it, especially since it had a couple of speeds—that were more than enough for a very young boy like me.

Well, it got stolen. And I hated how it felt that time. I cried the whole night.

My cool bike. Gone.

But I got over it. And now that I’m much older, I realized it wasn’t the coolest after all. That’s OK though. I had the most fun with it, so that’s alright. But the Juggernaut bike is one of the coolest bikes I’ve seen. And yes, I want one.

Hey boys (and some girls, we bet)! Get a load of this! Do you want this baby for yourself? Do you need to be young or old to get it? Nah… Who cares? You’ll still get to have one of the coolest bikes in the neighborhood! And guess what? You can bring it with you practically ANYWHERE too!

This fat tire mountain trike from Rungu can get through to even the worst cases of snow, sand, and what-have-you surfaces. It’s got dial forks, brakes, and WHEELS at the front, so you can be all geared up for the best traction ever.

The Rungu Juggernaut trike is built to last. It’s made from aluminum—definitely lightweight and durable.