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Rides You Don’t Wanna Have In Your Garage


Do you have an idea when someone mentions “one of the lamest cars ever”? You can probably say one or two models off the top of your head. For all guys who love cars, these are probably the worst models ever made. When you see them roll down the street, you’d probably expect a dork get off from the wheel.

1971-76 Ford Pinto

If you want to be likened to a suicide bomber about to blow up in car, then the Ford Pinto ’71-’76 is just for you. Unlike the badass Mustang, Ford’s Pinto model is not very gifted in the looks department. And the worst part is, its gas tank is located in the rear and when a drunk driver loose on the brakes happen to rear-end you, it’s just not your lucky day.

Fiat Multipla

This car seems to be a cross between a Volkswagen beetle and a mini-van with alien people riding in it.

Soccer moms would probably love this car except for the extra headlights. And what exactly do you use them for? Are the nights darker on your side of the universe?

BMW Isetta

Finally, you’re very proud to say that you got your BMW. A BMW Isetta might sound like a car that packs a punch but when you actually see what it looks like take that frown off your face. It only runs on 12 horsepower that should probably take you to the deli around the corner. And there’s no other way out but the single door where you just entered.

Men love cars and all that outpouring dedication and affection should be repaid by not making you look like a nerd or an alien fresh out of a sci-fi film. These three models are probably the worst models ever in the history of automotives.