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Perfect Examples of Bad Karma: Bad People Get What They Deserve!

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Crime always pays. It never does. Almost always, bad karma almost always comes back to you with such alarming and painful intensity, you won’t even know what hit you.

Sometimes, people do get away with it but not for long, it just means that your karma’s going to be even more painful than it should be. Just to prove it’s true, viralnova.com has put together some of the most amazing GIFs on the internet from CCTVs all over the country. They’re so amazing in fact, that you’re going to feel absolutely lucky the camera was able to film it when it happened.


Check out number 2, when everyone in the store sort of gave a helping hand in making sure the bad guy was taken down. Kudos to that man in the wheelchair. He was really giving his all, and didn’t see his handicap as a hindrance to help.


And what about number 6 eh? When that man grabbed the woman’s bag, and almost immediately, when he tried to escape, he was run over by a speeding bus. Bet nobody saw that one coming. And we’re pretty sure the bus driver no longer felt guilty when he found out what he prevented from happening.

GIF 20

Clearly, all of these were some sort of vindication for the victims, but our favorite would have to be number 20, when that woman beat the crap out of the guy who grabbed her mobile phone. Now you know why women absolutely need to learn how to protect themselves in cases like this. And you can tell that the guy who took the phone had no idea what was coming. When he turned to face the woman, he thought he could easily take her! Serves him right! Right?

No doubt that watching these looped videos give you a sense of satisfaction. Surely, these guys got what they deserve. So if you think there’s no way for you to help prevent crime, better think again. All you need to do is share this article, and you would be helping someone decide to stay away from that evil path.