Twin Tornadoes

Not One But Two Tornadoes!

We all feel like we can keep on using and abusing mother nature the way we do just because we feel like nothing happens when we do it, but what we always seem to take for granted is the fact that when mother nature gets back at us, we pay big time. It doesn’t always happen immediately, but it does eventually happen, and the impact is so huge, so intense that it destroys us almost immediately.

Tornado 2

Changes in the weather have been so severe, so intense as of late, and it can sometimes be too difficult to put two and two together, or find a connection between these natural disasters but it almost always leads us back to global warming and abuse of nature.

Now we all know that tornadoes form when cool, dry air and warm, moist air come together. These 2 different air masses, when they join together, create a terrifying kind of instability in the atmosphere which would eventually lead to the formation of a frighteningly destructive tornado.

There are some states in the US that are more prone to being hit by tornadoes. States like Texas and Oklahoma, Kansas and Florida, Iowa and Nebraska just to name a few (not necessarily in that order).

But lately, the formation of tornadoes have become more unstable, more frightening, more intense, such as this one that happened in Nebraska just recently.

There was not one, but two tornadoes that touched down the northeastern plains of the state, and you can see from the video provided by that there were several vehicles that zoomed towards it.

Obviously these are storm chasers but we can only hope they all knew what they were doing.

So what do you think of these phenomena? Are they all inevitably made by nature? Or are they man-made? Or were they natural disasters made worse by man’s selfish waste of the planet’s resources?

Makes you kind of think, doesn’t it?