Social Media

Look Up

“I have 422 friends… Yet I’m lonely,” the video began.

The video, which has been making the rounds on social networking sites since it was published April 25th, has already been viewed over 39 million times as of posting.

It tells us what our lives are going to be like—going to continue being like—if we don’t stop using our smartphones and tablets. A planet full of people no longer looking up to talk to each other, heads bent, so intent in making their lives look more fabulous than it really is.

“We’re a generation of idiots—smart phones and dumb people.”

Have you been like this lately? Have you forgotten how to interact, taking photos of the places you’ve been, the food that you eat, the people you’re with—just because you want to show people on your Social Networking accounts how cool you are?

But does that really make you cool? Or does it make you a hypocrite?

This video makes us see things once again—with a clearer mind. It convinces us to put our phones down and enjoy each other’s company, just like how we’re all supposed to.

And if you haven’t seen the video yet, we suggest that you do.