Karma Happens

It’s easy to forget how to smile at someone when you got no reason to smile about, to be kind when no one else is being kind, to give mercy when you’ve been hurt all your life.

It’s hard to treat someone with respect when you know that person hasn’t even tried to be nice to you—let alone give you the time of day.

But does it really matter?

If you give a little bit of kindness—even the tiniest bit—to a friend, a family member, anyone—anybody at all, even a stranger, that act of kindness sure is going to have a ripple effect which is going to spread out straight into the hearts of everyone who sees it.

It’s what this video from Facebook clearly wants to show you. So if you’re feeling down, that doesn’t mean it’s already the end of everything. And if you’re feeling like you’re invisible and nobody cares about you, don’t give up just yet. Give even the tiniest bit of kindness. It will never go unnoticed. The universe is going to keep finding ways to return that favor tenfold.

Because the universe always finds a way to show its gratitude.

Karma is everywhere, my friend. Both the good and the bad.

And the best way to attract good karma is to share a bit of positivity today. It doesn’t cost a thing. And you won’t believe just how big and beautiful the effect of it is on other people.

Go on. Try it. Be an inspiration.