Napkin Table

Impress your date with a Napkin Table

No, no, no. We don’t mean a ”table napkin,” we meant a ”Napkin Table!”

Ok. We could probably understand that look of confusion you have there, but we promise, it’s all going to make sense in a bit.

Ok. The Napkin Table is actually an idea brought to life by the students of Taiwan’s Tunghai University, all taking up Industrial Design. Wouldn’t you say that it’s creative?

The truth is, to say that it’s creative is an understatement. Using the Napkin table, 2 people can eat anywhere they like, even if there is no table around—especially if there is no table around. How this romantic couple has to do it is tie the ends around their neck, all the while careful in creating the right balance so everything on the ”table” remain upright (be careful with the drinks—although it does have cup holders—cool!).

Alright, to be honest, this would probably not be suited on a first date. Not only is it weird, it’s plenty awkward too. It isn’t exactly a ‘good-first-impression’ kinda thing, so it would be better if you do it with a friend instead. It’s something that you have to get used to, that’s for sure, but it’s also something that can really make your life a whole lot easier while you’re in college and love to spend all your free time on the grass. Provided that you have a friend to use your Napkin Table with, you’re going to have a lot of crazy laughs with it.

Otherwise, you can just do it the old-fashioned way and have a grand ol’ picnic instead. At least nothing’s gonna get wasted.