Girl Poses

If you saw a dead shark at the beach, what would you do?


A teenage girl’s getting a lot of concern—not to mention a great deal of flack for posting photos of her alongside a dead shark that washed up on an Australian beach.

The first photo shows that she’s sitting at the top of the shark’s body, like she was actually riding it.

And she’s looking like she’s having a helluva lot of fun as her dog looks curiously on.

The second photo shows her lying beside the shark. And it looks like she—or they—moved the body of the shark too to appear as if it’s also lying on its side.

Cool? Or Not cool?

Ok to be honest, maybe it’s going to seem cool for a couple of things.

First, how many times do you get to have a picture with a great white shark, right? No matter how dead it is, it’s still a shark.

And for the young men and women of the new generation, this is one other way to show to the whole wide world just how smokin’ hot your body is—and not look like you’re just desperately thinking of ways of showing it.

But in this situation, not cool actually trumps the cool because of the following:

What if the shark was still alive? Would you still look cool when the shark thrashes itself on the sand and gets hold of your arm, chomping it off?

Of course not.

And second, it would still appear to be animal cruelty because, if it were alive, you’re taking pictures with an otherwise miserable creature who’s dying to do 2 things: Get back in the water and chomp your arm off.

So yes. Please don’t take pictures beside a dead shark. Lucky for this girl, it really was dead, but if it happens again the next time, she might not be as lucky.