Have you tasted the world’s hottest pepper yet?

Do you love pepper? Do you love how it gives you the feeling like it’s literally burning your mouth and melting your teeth to liquid? Of course you do. We all do. So if you’re feeling like macho Mr. (or Miss!) Pepper, do we have just the thing for you.

Take a look at THIS!

Caroline Reaper claims to be the world’s hottest pepper—and by the looks of these people whose shots were taken while they were having a taste (notice how some of them were sweating) of the stuff, it definitely looks like they agree.

I’ve never really had a strong affinity with hot peppers. And don’t even get me started with those people who try eating it for fun and then take a video of themselves. Some of them may look funny, but the others just look completely gross. I mean, come on man. I know it’s youtube. But try to have a little more dignity.

We are lucky that the ones featured on this article from Huffington Post are just people in pictures and not videos. Some of them look like they were just laughing it off—but I bet it was really painful in the mouth.

So boys and girls, if you’re into hot dishes, make sure that you don’t overdo it. And if you’re planning to overdo it, and would still like to go ahead and document it for posterity, make sure that you don’t gross your audience out too much. It’s supposed to be funny, not make it look like you just made their nightmares come alive.