Have you seen this yet? Lessons on How to Peel an Apple

There is nothing more convenient than to have a power drill in your own little quiet workshop at the basement and toil away with little DIY projects which you can use all over the house. Power drills are considered to be a handyman’s best friend (after his dog, of course).

There also are other uses to a power drill aside from drilling holes around the house with it.

You can use it to mix paint and concrete.

You can use it to sand surfaces and contours evenly—and you can be sure that it will end up perfect each and every time.

You can also twist wires with it, grind metal, or even remove rust.

Other people even use it as an electric mixer—to whip up delicious cream! They stick in a fork—and go for it!

Some people use it to plant spring bulbs—cool huh?

And some people use it to peel apples.

Get a load of this video posted by Youtube user Benito Granger of Dutch Chef Jasper van Ramshorst peeling apples using a power drill

As you can see, the peeler is well-positioned, so he just sort of pops an apple in and gives it a go. He has probably done this many times, which explains why there are already a number of peeled apples lying around.

But boys and girls, DO NOT do this at home unless under the supervision of Chef Jasper van Ramshorst. This means you need to travel all the way to the Netherlands to practice.