Getting ready for April Fool’s Day: Don’t get caught unprepared

Well folks, it looks like the 1st of April is just right around the corner and to this day, we don’t know how we should feel about it exactly. Should you be a part of the ‘festivities’ this year? Or should you just stay at home all day, close the shutters, and lock yourself in your bedroom?

We say NAAAAHHH, join in the fun and anger someone to death! (Figuratively, of course).

Behold are some of the best pranks and hoaxes you can do to someone—if they don’t do it to you first.

Get the bugs swarming – This is a classic joke, and EVERYBODY seems to fall for it every time! Simply buy some realistic looking insects, place them inside yor refrigerator (or hide them between the bottles, eggs, what have you, and just wait for the shriek fest to unfold.

Kick it up a notch – Sneak into your friend’s laptop just before you’re certain he or she’s going to turn it off (preferably March 31st, if you will, please). Crank up the volume, wait the next day.

Post it day – This might tire you out, but make sure that when you do this, you finish the job. Fill your friend’s care with post its, especially the windshield, the glass windows, the side mirrors, and the rear view mirror.

But why stop there? Stick post its on headlights too! Do the whole she-bang!

There are a dozen more ways to blow the fuse off of someone. Make sure it counts. April Fool’s day comes only once a year! Have fun!