Showerhead Utilizing Venturi Effect uses 70% Less Water

e-Shower recently went live on Kickstarter and promises to reduce water usage and your energy bill but still gets you just as clean.

Everyone loves a good relaxing shower, especially after a long day’s work, but spending too long rinsing off has negative impacts to our environment. With water waste a huge concern for everyone – not just the state of California but countries around the world, using less water should be a priority on everyone’s list. Thankfully, a start-up in Australia believes it knows how to make the task of using less water much easier.

Introducing e-Shower, a showerhead that uses the Venturi effect to blast air into the water, aerating the water and turning them into ‘nanobubbles’. The main advantage of e-Shower is that it’s a passive saving device, apart from the initial swapping of showerheads there is no active input from the user. You can shower as you normally would and even use the same amount of time you usually take showering. Each water droplet contains a pocket of air, keeping the water droplet the same size but reducing water usage by up to 70%. Some users have described the shower experience as invigorating and bubbly; with water bursting on your skin.

Unlike other water saving devices, e-Shower is already proven to work. Their showerheads have been on the market for 10 years in Australia, located all around Aussie beaches and even rigorously tested in barracks for the Australian Airforce. They also claim zero calcium clogging, calcification, or corroding thanks to the Venturi effect which creates high turbulence causing calcium to change form. They further backed their confidence on the showerheads by providing an unprecedented 30-year guarantee.

Visit eshower.net for more information.