Do You Believe in Ghosts?

At this day and age, it hardly seems surprising if most of us don’t believe in ghosts anymore. Why would we, if science now has an explanation to almost anything?

But try watching this video and see if it doesn’t creep you out. I don’t know which one’s worse: Learning about that evil-looking clown in Staten Island, or watching this unfold right before my very eyes. And even if I sort of already know what to expect, I didn’t think it helped at all. This still spooked me to my very core.

Is This for Real?

A lot of people have contested the authenticity of this video, claiming that it’s just a gimmick to increase business in the Ellacoya county establishment.

Are Ghosts Real?

Up to this day, the existence of ghosts have been widely argued by thousands and thousands of people. Some cultures accept it as a part of our world, while some refuse to believe it’s real.

Some think it’s just a case of displaced energy. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Maybe there really is something more to it. Maybe it’s just a tiny mouse looking around for food. We may never understand how it happened, but one thing’s for sure: These things happen more than we think, it just so happened that there was surveillance to catch it.

We may not be able to fully understand how some things work in this world. Maybe it’s better if we never understand because then, it would contradict to everything we believed in.

It’s still spooky though.