Did Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Separation Bummed You Out?

And now for a little bit of showbiz news—because we can all stand for a bit of gossip every once in a while.

Have you heard of the news about Gwyneth “health clean” Paltrow and Chris Martin’s separation? Apparently, when Gwyneth released the statement on her website www.goop.com, it crashed due to the number of people trying to view the message with their own eyes.

The news is shocking, to say the least. We have always seen the Martin family as private, loving, and well, normal as can be. And now after more than ten years of being married, they decide to live separately.

Now, if you check out Gwyneth’s blog, there’s an entry there after the now famous “Couple Uncoupling,” that says a lot about divorce.

You should be warned. The entry is quite long, so you need to be on your toes while reading this. But it’s all about the subject all married couples love to hate, so it might be useful to a lot of people in America. Is divorce the ulimate answer to all marital problems? When do you give up on a relationship?

It’s a hard question to answer, and perhaps, it never will get a good, simple answer. But relationships are such intricate things. We share it with people who matter most in our lives. We love them in different levels, and we fight with them on different levels too.

Gwyneth’s statement about their separation have only increased speculation to their relationship. The only thing I could hope for: That it’s not another man (or woman) that caused the breakup.