Pat Frampton

Couple from Virginia Wins the Lottery not once, not twice, but 3 times—in a month!

Talk about lucky. No no. Talk about EXTREMELY lucky. Imagine yourself winning the lottery three times in a month? What are the odds right? I’ve been buying tickets since I was a teenager! I never win!

But get a load of Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Portsmouth, Virginia. Their first win was on March 12th. And it’s not just a ‘few thousand dollars,’ mind you. They won on the $1 million Powerball. Wow.

The second win happened for a much smaller amount—but NOT at all small in my standards. $50,000 on March 26th from the Pick 4 tickets of the Virginia Lottery.

But guess what? Their luck hasn’t ran out yet. The next day, they won another million dollars from a Virginia Lottery Scratcher ticket. They were given a choice between taking the $1 million for a 30-year period, or they can claim the $681,000 (after taxes) right now. Guess what they chose? The after taxes deal. Still sounds pretty good to me.

Some people have all the luck. Literally.

This bit of news is making me feel bitter about my life. I often buy lottery tickets. How come I NEVER win? ANYTHING? Or maybe I should buy scratch tickets instead of the powerball lot? Would that work?

Or maybe I should just try my luck and write to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. I should hope they’re in a bit of a festive, giving mood this time. A few hundred dollars won’t hurt. Hee hee.