Coca Cola Hello Happiness

Coca Cola’s Hello Happiness is going to give you the [Happy] Shivers

Well, we all know that Coca Cola isn’t the healthiest drink in the world (or maybe even the universe), but I’m pretty sure everyone who have seen their commercials can all agree that they’re all pretty well-thought of.

A perfect example of their awesome commercials is the Hello Happiness project which gives migrant laborers making a living in Dubai a chance to call their loved ones back home for 3 minutes each, for as many times as they want, for as long as they have coca cola bottle caps to drop into the slots in replacement for coins.

Well, it would have been better if the calls were for free but where would be the sale on that one eh?

And besides, an overseas call, according to the video, costs almost a dollar to make. These workers are earning only $6 per day. Assuming a bottle of Coke would cost around $0.50, they still would have been able to make half a dollar of savings. It’s not much, but it will do.

So go ahead and watch the video if you haven’t seen it yet. The smile on the men’s faces are going to make you smile too. A hat tip to Coca Cola for doing this—though we wish they could have made it last about a year (reports said it only lasted a month and had already been dismantled sometime in April).