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The 5 Best Apps You Should use for Running

It doesn’t matter if you’re running or walking or just starting to get fit, you need one of these apps to make sure you can track your progress, to stay motivated, and to see in what areas you need to improve in order to keep going. Which is why we have decided to bring you…


Do you wan to see what a freakishly big hand looks like?

  You don’t? Are you sure? Because you’re going to miss a lot if you don’t take a peak. We’re talking about no other than Kawhi Leonard’s hand. Kawhi Leonard, 22 years old, is playing for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. Quiet, reserved Kawhi. He was drafted in the 2011 NBA draft 15th…


The Juggernaut Trike is EXACTLY what it looks like—and you’re going to LOVE it!

The first bike I had when I was way, WAY younger was, in my opinion at that time, the coolest bike of all. You see, it was ancient. It belonged to my brother, but I absolutely LOVED it, especially since it had a couple of speeds—that were more than enough for a very young boy…


Unload your stuff easily with Fietsklik

For many bike users, loading and unloading stuff can be a real pain. While it’s easy to simply get a cargo box or prannies for the bulk of your stuff, the thing is, most of them have to be installed semi-permanently. Plus, they could easily be removed by thieves (you would definitely not like that)….