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Have you ever heard of—or seen anybody wear—a dick necktie?

It’s probably nothing—but that necktie looks an awful lot like a dick to me, don’t you think? Take a closer look at the, er, tip. Oh my. That IS a dick. Excuse the language, but if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you have to check this out. Credits to for posting…

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This Deaf Woman Hears for the 1st time—Totally touching moment!

Get a load of this British woman hearing herself for the first time. It’s a complete touching moment. It’s one of those videos that you know would leave you teary eyed no matter how you try to stop it. It would also make you appreciate your sense of hearing more. Well, actually, it would leave…

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You will never believe how Kate Middleton was greeted in New Zealand!

  Have you heard of this yet? Apparently, when Kate Middleton, along with the rest of her young Royal family, Prince William and baby Prince George, was welcomed at the Government House in Wellington, New Zealand, they were honored with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony that consisted of Maori men with their bottoms showing for all to see—and…


Which one’s more dangerous? Alcohol or Marijuana?

With some states legalizing medical Marijuana, the debate regarding which one’s more dangerous is on. Is it Marijuana? Or is it alcohol? It has been going on for quite some time now, and it looks like alcohol is on the losing end—but the battle isn’t far from over yet. There are still individuals out there,…

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Couple from Virginia Wins the Lottery not once, not twice, but 3 times—in a month!

Talk about lucky. No no. Talk about EXTREMELY lucky. Imagine yourself winning the lottery three times in a month? What are the odds right? I’ve been buying tickets since I was a teenager! I never win! But get a load of Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Portsmouth, Virginia. Their first win was on March 12th….


Did Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Separation Bummed You Out?

And now for a little bit of showbiz news—because we can all stand for a bit of gossip every once in a while. Have you heard of the news about Gwyneth “health clean” Paltrow and Chris Martin’s separation? Apparently, when Gwyneth released the statement on her website, it crashed due to the number of…