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Showerhead Utilizing Venturi Effect uses 70% Less Water

e-Shower recently went live on Kickstarter and promises to reduce water usage and your energy bill but still gets you just as clean. Everyone loves a good relaxing shower, especially after a long day’s work, but spending too long rinsing off has negative impacts to our environment. With water waste a huge concern for everyone…

Twin Tornadoes

Not One But Two Tornadoes!

We all feel like we can keep on using and abusing mother nature the way we do just because we feel like nothing happens when we do it, but what we always seem to take for granted is the fact that when mother nature gets back at us, we pay big time. It doesn’t always…

Dr Evil

Perfect Examples of Bad Karma: Bad People Get What They Deserve!

Crime always pays. It never does. Almost always, bad karma almost always comes back to you with such alarming and painful intensity, you won’t even know what hit you. Sometimes, people do get away with it but not for long, it just means that your karma’s going to be even more painful than it should…

City Cab

Don’t throw that old suitcase just yet!

Just when you thought your old suitcase needs to be thrown out so you finally have an excuse to get a new one, out come these photos which would show you that you don’t really need to have an excuse to buy new luggage! Presenting motorized scooters made out of your old suitcase. Now you…

Best Friends

A Lion, A Bear, and a Tiger are Best Friends

Once upon a time, in Atlanta Georgia, there lived three best friends who were inseparable. The best friends’ names were Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan. You might be wondering why their names are like that—that’s because they’re a bear, a lion, and a tiger, respectively. Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan have been rescued from a…


A Pope, a Rabbi, and a Sheikh travel to the Holy Land

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Pope Francis went to Jordan one May weekend, along with some of his old pals. These old pals though, weren’t quite like him—religion-wise. These 2 friend of his were a sheikh and a rabbi. You read that right. Sheikh Omar Abboud is the leader of the Muslim…

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Hologram Performance at the Billboard Awards 2014

It’s yesterday once more. Michael Jackson has been gone since 2009 so the last thing we were expecting was for him to perform at the Billboard Music Awards held on May 18, complete with dancers and the whole she-bang. Of course the king being back in the spotlight is all ‘make believe’, and while there…

Hero Cat

Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

It’s usually the dog that’s the man’s best friend. But after seeing this surveillance video of a random dog attacking a random child—and the child’s cat coming to the rescue—I may have to change my views on [some] cats entirely. Clearly, all these reports and experiences of some people who say that cats, albeit intelligent…


Jay-Z and Solange Make Up

After all that crazy attention Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight got (No thanks to TMZ’s ever-reliable evil Doc Oc-like sources), Beyonce, her sister and husband, released a joint statement that suggested that everything is back to normal in Bey’s paradise once again, and that everyone should start moving on because apparently, they already have….

Girl Poses

If you saw a dead shark at the beach, what would you do?

  A teenage girl’s getting a lot of concern—not to mention a great deal of flack for posting photos of her alongside a dead shark that washed up on an Australian beach. The first photo shows that she’s sitting at the top of the shark’s body, like she was actually riding it. And she’s looking…