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Do you love the Walking Dead? Well here are a few things that’s going to make you love it even more!

    Who hasn’t seen the Walking Dead yet? Everybody’s practically hooked to all things zombie now because of this show! Me included! But you know what? You’re going to love it even more! Here are a few fun facts that you probably don’t know about the show—and its awesome cast yet. What the zombies…


Get a load of this news from Fantasyland: Frozen is Highest-Grossing Animated Film in History!

Have you see Frozen yet? No? Well, it’s now available on DVD, so if you weren’t able to watch it on the big screen, now you can get to watch it on Blu-Ray. No excuses, just do it. Alright, we can’t 100% guarantee that you’re going to love it, but if you don’t have children…


Would you want to drink zombie beer made of brains? I sure would!

I won’t lie to you. I love everything that has to do with anything about zombies. I LOVE zombie movies. I LOVE zombie TV shows. I was even given a ‘zombie survival guide’ book on my birthday about three years ago. I haven’t read the whole thing though. I’ll save it for later, for when…