Hero Cat

Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

It’s usually the dog that’s the man’s best friend. But after seeing this surveillance video of a random dog attacking a random child—and the child’s cat coming to the rescue—I may have to change my views on [some] cats entirely.

Clearly, all these reports and experiences of some people who say that cats, albeit intelligent and calculating creatures, are unfeeling and heartless, aren’t at all what they’re cut out to be. In this case, it looks like the dog is the one that’s heartless here (although there must be some sort of explanation why the dog acted the way that he did) and it’s the cat with the loving, protective demeanor.

The gashes on the child’s leg are pretty scary—and so are the stitches. Only a brave little boy could have survived that. And we’re also very glad that, as what his mother said, he has already bounced back to his old self despite the whole ordeal.

No doubt about it, that boy is going to grow up a cat-lover. We can only hope that he doesn’t give up on dogs entirely. But seeing how vicious that dog latched on to him, and started shaking his head from side to side the moment his bite came in contact with the flesh, it made me think the dog actually wanted to take his leg apart. Very weird dog behavior indeed.

It has been reported that there’s a very big chance the dog will be put down. My heart goes out to the owners–though this is really quite a serious case. All the best for both families.