A Tragic End to Being ‘Happy’


Well we all witnessed how Pharrell cried during his interview with Oprah. And I have no doubt in the world that you have already heard of his phenomenal hit, and Despicable Me 2 theme song, ‘Happy.’

I’m also pretty sure that you have danced to the tune more than once. How do I know? Well, I have.

More than a couple of times actually. And the truth is, ‘Happy’ really makes me happy—in every sense of the word.

But you know what I wasn’t really counting on to happen… like, ever?

That it would be the cause of someone’s death.

A woman from North Carolina, while driving, updated her Facebook status that the Happy song makes her happy. A few seconds after that, she crashed into a recycling truck and then died almost immediately.

How tragic.

Her last Facebook status read, “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

So folks, we can’t stress enough how vital it is for you NOT to be looking at your phone while driving.

It doesn’t matter where you are—if it’s on a busy highway or a quiet street. When it comes to driving, there is nothing more important than your safety.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking it will never happen to you.

It’s nice to let people know what you’re doing every once in a while.

But your life is more important than a Facebook status.

And you certainly don’t need to die just to let the world know what your favorite song is.

Please drive safely.