Best Friends

A Lion, A Bear, and a Tiger are Best Friends

Once upon a time, in Atlanta Georgia, there lived three best friends who were inseparable. The best friends’ names were Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan. You might be wondering why their names are like that—that’s because they’re a bear, a lion, and a tiger, respectively.

Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan have been rescued from a drug raid in an Atlanta basement back in 2001, and were turned over a non-profit animal sanctuary in Georgia, Noah’s Ark. The staff of Noah’s Ark were the ones who nursed the 3 creatures back to health, and when the time came they had to be separated, all 3 of them were not able to sleep or eat.

When the staff decided to bring them back together in one enclosure, they gained back their old energy—and have not been separated eversince.

The leader of the pack is the 800-pound bear, Baloo. Shere Shere Khan was the smallest in the group as Leo the Lion weighs around 450 pounds and the tiger only 300.

The 3 animals are all male, and are around the same age. Their birthday has been made June 21st—which would make them 13 years old next month!

These pals have a 2.5 acre enclosure where they also have a log cabin of their own filled with hay. The people at Noah’s Ark has dubbed it the club house—and it’s so cute how you would see the trio lounge around in it. They are also often seen cuddling together, beautiful right? See the photos for yourself! It’s bound to make your day for sure!