deaf woman

This Deaf Woman Hears for the 1st time—Totally touching moment!

Get a load of this British woman hearing herself for the first time. It’s a complete touching moment.

It’s one of those videos that you know would leave you teary eyed no matter how you try to stop it.

It would also make you appreciate your sense of hearing more. Well, actually, it would leave you appreciating everything else you have that you’ve taken for granted since day 1.

She couldn’t even stop crying! And I love how the woman was talking to her, making sure that she adjusts to the sound, talking slowly and just being there for support. I can only imagine what that experience all felt to her. God bless her.

This isn’t the first time that a video like this went viral actually. This one actually happened a couple of years ago. She was actually even featured on the Ellen show, and as you can see, have already racked up more than twenty million views as of posting this.

No doubt the British woman featured on the first video we have shown you would become more popular as days go by—this is the digital age, and feel good videos like this have a way of catapulting people to absolute stardom.

But seriously, I needed a refresher for today. So glad that I was able to watch that and have it featured in my blog. What with all the bad news I’ve been seeing on television lately, I needed this. It’s like a breath of fresh air in Spring—but without the allergies please!