Monthly archives: May, 2014

Hero Cat

Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

It’s usually the dog that’s the man’s best friend. But after seeing this surveillance video of a random dog attacking a random child—and the child’s cat coming to the rescue—I may have to change my views on [some] cats entirely. Clearly, all these reports and experiences of some people who say that cats, albeit intelligent…


Highest Paid Hollywood Actors of All Time

Well we all know that Hollywood actors get paid by the millions, but we don’t really know how much they’re getting paid per movie now, do we? But now, all that’s about to change—today you are about to find out just how much these actors are worth, and how the whole tinsel town’s at their…


Jay-Z and Solange Make Up

After all that crazy attention Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight got (No thanks to TMZ’s ever-reliable evil Doc Oc-like sources), Beyonce, her sister and husband, released a joint statement that suggested that everything is back to normal in Bey’s paradise once again, and that everyone should start moving on because apparently, they already have….


Karma Happens

It’s easy to forget how to smile at someone when you got no reason to smile about, to be kind when no one else is being kind, to give mercy when you’ve been hurt all your life. It’s hard to treat someone with respect when you know that person hasn’t even tried to be nice to…


The Waffogato

Ever since the launch of the cronut back in May of 2013, word has spread like wildfire from New York all the way across the United States to other continents to be the phenomenon that it is right now. The cronut is the creation of Dominique Ansel, who has a bakery located in New York…

Social Media

Look Up

“I have 422 friends… Yet I’m lonely,” the video began. The video, which has been making the rounds on social networking sites since it was published April 25th, has already been viewed over 39 million times as of posting. It tells us what our lives are going to be like—going to continue being like—if we…

Dad dog

This is one for your parents

  Memory loss, impaired judgment, mood swings… These are only a few signs that a loved one of yours have the tendency to develop Alzheimer’s. But when you finally have it, everything changes. The brain changes. All of a sudden, mental and functional problems begin to surface one by one. It’s harder when you see…

Girl Poses

If you saw a dead shark at the beach, what would you do?

  A teenage girl’s getting a lot of concern—not to mention a great deal of flack for posting photos of her alongside a dead shark that washed up on an Australian beach. The first photo shows that she’s sitting at the top of the shark’s body, like she was actually riding it. And she’s looking…


A Tragic End to Being ‘Happy’

  Well we all witnessed how Pharrell cried during his interview with Oprah. And I have no doubt in the world that you have already heard of his phenomenal hit, and Despicable Me 2 theme song, ‘Happy.’ I’m also pretty sure that you have danced to the tune more than once. How do I know?…


Do you wan to see what a freakishly big hand looks like?

  You don’t? Are you sure? Because you’re going to miss a lot if you don’t take a peak. We’re talking about no other than Kawhi Leonard’s hand. Kawhi Leonard, 22 years old, is playing for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. Quiet, reserved Kawhi. He was drafted in the 2011 NBA draft 15th…