Monthly archives: February, 2014


The Juggernaut Trike is EXACTLY what it looks like—and you’re going to LOVE it!

The first bike I had when I was way, WAY younger was, in my opinion at that time, the coolest bike of all. You see, it was ancient. It belonged to my brother, but I absolutely LOVED it, especially since it had a couple of speeds—that were more than enough for a very young boy…


Would you want to drink zombie beer made of brains? I sure would!

I won’t lie to you. I love everything that has to do with anything about zombies. I LOVE zombie movies. I LOVE zombie TV shows. I was even given a ‘zombie survival guide’ book on my birthday about three years ago. I haven’t read the whole thing though. I’ll save it for later, for when…


Stop Googling your Symptoms!

Is there anyone else who agrees with me on this? You feel something, anything, just the smallest of pains, a smarting on your toes, what-have-you. You google it, and within minutes, you’re already starting to sweat, you feel bile rising up your throat, and you have this sudden, desperate need to rush to your doctor…


Unload your stuff easily with Fietsklik

For many bike users, loading and unloading stuff can be a real pain. While it’s easy to simply get a cargo box or prannies for the bulk of your stuff, the thing is, most of them have to be installed semi-permanently. Plus, they could easily be removed by thieves (you would definitely not like that)….